CorningWare French White 2.5 Quart Fluted Round Glass Lid

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SKU: 0070HK-3


  • Fits 2.5 Quart Round Corningware French White Bakeware Dish (Sold Separately)
  • Doesn’t Absorb Food Flavors, Odors, or Stains
  • Easily See Dish Contents Without Lifting Lid
  • Made in the USA
  • Glass lids make cooking, serving, and storing easy and convenient


The recipe for a great dish starts, surprisingly, with a great dish! Corningware French White bakeware proves that when it comes to food preparation, few things are more convenient than baking and serving in one dish. With its classic, fluted design, French White oven-to-table bakeware imparts a traditional elegance that is a perfect complement to any décor. Versatile yet stylish, Corningware French White is simple, from start to finish!

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