Pyrex Portables Hot & Cold Pack - Small

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  • Packs Are Filled with Pliable Substance that Can Be Microwaved or Frozen
  • Each Pack Measures 8" x 5.5" to Fit in Lunch Boxes and Bags
  • Ideal for Maintaining Heat or Coolness in Prepared Foods On the Go

    Keeping hot things hot and cold things cold can be a challenge, especially on the go. The small Pyrex Hot and Cold Unipack is the perfect solution to the problem. Each heavy-duty pack is filled with a versatile liquid that can be either frozen or microwaved to produce the desired temperature outcome. While the Unipack is wonderful for lunch boxes, picnics, and other food transportation, it can also be used for medical icing/heating and more. Each portable hot cold pack is flexible, which means it can be easily shaped and molded to fit users’ specific needs.
    Brand: Pyrex
    Type: Hot/Cold Pack
    Size: 8" x 5.5" x 0.50" (Small)
    Material: Liquid Filled Heavy-Duty Flexible Bag
    Color: White
    Model: 1104540

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